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best golf wedge

Best Golf Wedges For Beginners & Handicappers

It is understandable that any beginner will be fascinated by the long game more than the short game. I see the majority of the...
Best 8 Putting Tips

Best 8 Putting Tips to Make Life Easy on The Greens

As a beginner, it is understandably fascinating to hit the ball as long as possible. The thrill of watching the ball sail through is...
Golf Ball - What Is Inside a Golf Ball

What Is Inside a Golf Ball?

The modern-day golf balls come in a variety of layers like a single piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces, and multi-layered balls. The innermost core...
best golf irons for mid handicapper - best golf irons for mid handicap

Best Irons for Mid Handicappers 2020

The mid-handicap range is the most interesting and enjoyable phase of one’s golfing life. Finding the best irons for mid-handicapper can be a very...
claw grip in putting

How to use the Claw Grip in Putting

It was the late 90s or the early 2000s when Claw Grip emerged as a putting grip style on tour. Top golfers like Phil Mickelson,...
How To Stop Slicing Driver

How To Stop Slicing with the Driver 2020

As a beginner, the most tormenting part of golf is slicing the golf ball with the driver. Almost 90% of the beginners have a...
How to Hold The Putter | putting grip in golf

Putting Grip in Golf : How to Hold The Putter

As a beginner, I used to be confused all the time seeing many golfers around me and on T.V. grip the putter in different...
Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners in 2020

A driver is a very important part of any golfer’s bag. The best golf drivers for beginners not only help to find more fairways...
Blade vs Mallet Putters

Blade vs Mallet Putters

Did you know that putting constitutes 50% of the shots hit by a golfer while playing the full 18 holes on a golf course? This...
Best golf clubs for women

Best Golf Clubs for Women In 2020

The number of women golfers taking up the game is increasing at a rapid pace by the day. But sadly enough, the number of...