5 Best Game Improvement Irons

5 Best Game Improvement Irons

If you are a person looking for Best game improvement irons, then I’m pretty sure that you’ve developed a keen interest in the game and are looking to get that handicap down to a respectable level.

A game improvement iron should have the right balance of forgiveness, ease of launch from the turf, and playability as well. All these qualities make these irons acceptable by beginners as well as the more experienced golfers.

Let us dive deep into what kind of players need game improvement irons, what are some of the important qualities, and which irons are the best in the market currently.


Callaway Men’s Rogue Irons Set ( Most forgiving Game Improvement Irons)

Callaway’s Rogue irons have been specifically designed keeping in mind the beginners and high handicappers who are on the lookout for maximum forgiveness along with distance.

Claimed to be ‘Power Clubs’, the rogue irons promise improved distances without compromising the feel and sound upon impact.

With the lofts on each of the irons being on the higher side of the spectrum, the Rogue Irons provide that much more easy to launch the ball higher from the ground.

The main point to be noted with these irons is that they allow the ball to go with much higher trajectories as compared to the other irons in this category.

This is mainly because of the lofts being higher and hence, any lack of spin on the ball is compensated by the higher ball flights to allow the ball to land softly on the green.


  • Super forgiveness gives excellent experience for the beginners
  • Stylish and classy looks with great color combinations
  • Higher ball flights lead to softer landings on the greens.


  • Not much of an improvement in the feel upon impact although Urethane Microspheres are used for that purpose
  • Clicky sound on impact which may not be pleasing to some golfers.
  • Not much of distance gapping with the long irons

Key Features

  • Faster ball speeds at impact with the help Variable Face Thickness and 360 Face Cup technology which promotes longer distance.
  • Tungsten Weighing in the long irons allows the positioning of the CG with extreme precision which provides perfect launch conditions along with precision control
  • The excessive vibration created as a result of a thinner clubface is reduced considerably with the use of Urethane Microspheres to improve the sound and feel.
  • Comes with True Temper XP 95 Steeples Steel 60g shaft.
  • Includes 5 to 9 iron with PW.


Being the ideal combination of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy, the Callaway Men’s Rogue Irons Set promises a lot of potential for game improvement for the beginners and the high handicappers.

If the budget is something that is not coming in the way, then these irons are sure to make life easy on the golf course.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set ( Easiest to hit game improvement irons)

With their looks almost like a hybrid club, the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set can be said to be the easiest to hit irons in golf with their wide and confidence oozing heads.

As a crossbreed of irons and hybrids, you are assured of maximum forgiveness as a beginner.

With game improving results like height, distance, and precision, most of the golfers will be okay with the large and bulky clubheads that these irons have got to offer.

For people who facing issues with club interaction with turf, large sole of these clubs provides perfect aid for that.


  • Excellent turf interaction for better impact results.
  • Easy to launch irons
  • Most forgiving game improvement irons
  • Promises straighter shots for more GIRs.


  • The large bulky club heads might seem uncomfortable to some golfers who prefer the traditional looks.
  • Lack of distance may be a problem for some golfers
  • Headcovers are not included with the set
  • Durability is lower as compared to other game improvement irons.

Key Features

  • A thinner and hotter turbocharged, high strength steel face which promises increased ball speeds and distances.
  • Highest levels of forgiveness because of the complete hollow construction along with internal stabilizing ribs
  • The CG is pushed low and deep for easier launch conditions with the help of the redesigned Hi-bore Crown construction.
  • The progression from the hybrid shaped long Irons to the traditional shaped short irons is smooth because of the Smooth Progressive Shaping.
  • Available from 4 iron to PW with a graphite shaft for faster swing speeds.


The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Irons are the perfect combination of high, straight, and the easiest to hit irons ever in the category of Game Improvement Irons.

If you are a golfer looking to add more fun along with assurance to your game with minimum practice, these irons will fit your needs to perfection.

Although there is a lack of distance achieved with these irons, the price point and the ease of hitting more than compensate for that.

Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Irons (7 Iron Set) ( best anti-slice game improvement iron)

The reason why I included this particular model in this category is that the F-Max Airspeed Irons are specifically designed to remove any slice or movement of the ball to the right after impact.

I have seen more than 80% of the beginner’s struggle with this problem and hence, by going for these irons, you are successfully going to eliminate the slice and hit straighter shots.

As you will notice in the images, there is an offset hosel connecting the shaft to the clubhead and this feature allows a little more time for the golfer to square the clubface at impact and hit straighter shots.

Upon impact, these irons produce a higher-pitched cracky sound with the graphite shaft dampening the vibrations to give a smooth feel.


  • Offset design completely eliminates the slice and hence promotes straighter shots
  • Lightweight design enables faster swing speed and smooth transition through impact
  • Affordable rate makes it easily accessible to a beginner not looking to invest much


  • The looks might not be as attractive as compared to other irons in this category.
  • The excessive loft may put off some players
  • Lightweight nature of these clubs won’t suit the younger golfers with faster swing speeds

Key Features

  • The lightweight design of these irons generates more clubhead speed which in turn helps with the distance achieved with each iron
  • With the CG shifted lower and backward, it makes it easier to launch these clubs from the turf
  • The weight is more heel-biased which makes it easier to transition the clubface through the impact which effectively eliminates the slice
  • There is a progressive transition from the long irons to the short irons in terms of the amount of offset provided which makes it easier to switch clubs during a round.
  • Cobra Airspeed 50 Graphite Shaft for R and S flex and Airspeed 45 Shaft for Senior and L flex
  • Comes with Lamkin REL Midsize grip


For the golfers who are suffering from slower swing speeds and an excessive slice of the golf ball, Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Irons will prove to be the most effective investment in your golf set.

With an affordable price, these irons provide strong competition to some of the big names in the golf iron making companies.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set ( Distance Improving Game Improvement Iron)

The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Irons can be termed as oversized game improvement clubs specially designed for someone looking to maximize the forgiveness and distance while making a slight compromise with the ball flights.

As I look at the top line from the setup position, these irons look thicker and larger, which is a clear indication that these are more forgiving than any other irons in the game improvement category.

As one of the very first Irons on which Artificial Intelligence Technology (A.I.) is used, the face of the Mavrik Irons is designed with forgiving thickness to help high handicappers get good results even with off-center strikes.


  • Larger and thicker heads ensure higher levels of forgiveness.
  • Softest feeling at impact
  • Higher ball speeds lead to enhanced distance


  • Spin rate is on lower side which can make it difficult to stop the ball on green with approach shots
  • Ball flights achieved with these irons is also on the lower side

Key Features

  • The use of A.I. has made it possible to produce the face of each iron with a different design to fit the demands on the loft, distance, and forgiveness.
  • The CG of each iron is located with extraordinary precision with the help of Tungsten Weighing which benefits with the ease of launch and ball speeds.
  • Superb feel to these irons upon impact because the unwanted vibrations are dampened by the use of Urethane Microspheres.
  • True Temper Elevate Steel Shaft ( 96g,98g) and Project X Catalyst Graphite Shaft ( 55,65, 75g ).
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip


By using Callaway 2020 Mavrik Irons, be sure of increasing your distance with each iron by at least 10 yards.

Hence, if extra distance combined with high forgiveness is what you are looking for, then look nowhere else other than the Mavrik Irons.

There is a compromise to be made with the ball flights and the spin rates, however, the Mavrik Irons offer a lot of potential for Game Improvement.

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set ( Best overall Game Improvement Irons)

The TaylorMadeP790 Irons fall into a unique and rare category of irons that satisfy the needs of both the low and high handicappers. Taylormade claims that these are their best selling irons up to date, so let’s try and find out why.

The all-new P790 Irons are revamped with the help of Taylormade’s patented Speed Foam Technology along with the redesigned Tungsten Weight for maximum performance and game improvement.

As far as the looks are concerned, these irons present the looks of the player’s irons with a thinner and more compact top-line oozing confidence into the player at the setup position.


  • Excellent smooth and soft feel with the help of the Speed Foams in the face
  • Higher levels of consistency can be achieved
  • Forgiveness is right up there
  • Best looking irons in the market


  • More expensive than any other irons in this category.
  • Can be a little difficult to adjust especially as a beginner

Key Features

  • Ultralight Urethane Foam is injected inside the face which not only dampens the vibrations but also helps with the speed of the ball off the face.
  • This is a forged iron with a maximum COR area to improve forgiveness along with accuracy.
  • The newly designed Tungsten Weight enables the accurate location of the CG which is shifted to the bottom of the face to help launch the ball with the utmost ease.
  • It comes with True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS Shaft.
  • Comes with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.


I have specifically kept the best performing game improvement iron at the last.

The P790s are Taylormade’s best selling irons ever and there is a good reason for that to be true.

With performance levels right up there to take your game to the next level, the looks, feel, and on-course results make these the most desirable irons in this category.

If budget is not a problem, then irons should definitely in your bag next time you go out to play.


What are Game Improvement Irons?

Game Improvement irons are those type of irons which are specifically designed for a complete newcomer to the game or a high handicapper who is finding it difficult to strike the balls consistently on the course.

Hence, by using game improvement irons, a beginner is giving himself/herself a chance to get higher levels of consistency, ball flights, accuracy as well as the distance which is commonly seen in the shots that the pros hit on T.V.

What are the important qualities of Game Improvement Irons?

Some of the key features or advantages of game improvement irons are as follows

High forgiveness

As mentioned earlier, Game Improvement Irons are specifically designed by keeping the beginner golfer in mind.

Beginners are concerned, the shot-making is still not up there and hence there will be quite a few mishits.

Upon using Game Improvement Irons, there is a higher level of forgiveness for the off-center strikes which makes it that much easier for a beginner to get better results on the golf course.

Offset Hosel

A  hosel is that part of the club which connects the shaft to the clubface.

To achieve a straighter and longer ball flight, it is necessary to square the clubface at impact.

As far as beginners are concerned, they have a tendency to leave the clubface open at the point of impact which makes the ball slice from the left to right ( for a right-hander).

To avoid this, an offset is provided in the hozel which shifts the clubface a little behind which gives the golfer a little extra time to square the clubface at impact.

Cavity Back

Whenever you look at an iron that has thicker clubhead, you must know that it is meant for Game Improvement.

These irons have a large hollow cavity at the back of the face, which provides more room for error in the shot-making, thus adding to the forgiveness of the irons.

Wider Sole

A golf iron with a wider sole will ensure that its Center Of Gravity is more towards the lower side. Due to this, the irons provide optimum launch conditions and hence make it easy to lift ball up from turf.

Which companies make the best Game Improvement Irons?

According to me, the most prolific companies which specialize in the Game Improvement category include Callaway and Taylormade.

The quality of irons produced by these companies surpass the expectations and have contributed to the games of millions of high handicappers around the world.

However, over time, companies like Cobra, Wilson, and Cleveland have also carved out a special niche for themselves in the Game Improvement category by making the most affordable yet effective irons in the market.

Should I use Graphite or Steel Shafts in my Game Improvement Irons?

Shaft selection depends on factors like swing speed, physical condition, and distance requirements of a golfer.

There are two types of shafts, steel, and graphite.

Steel being the heavier of two is recommended for golfers having a slightly faster swing speed and fitter physical condition. Since it helps to swing the club without causing the shaft to flex much through impact.

On the other hand, Graphite is lighter and hence it helps to increase the swing speeds of golfers who are struggling with distance with their irons.

Should I use Cast or Forged Irons?

Using the Forging Technique is the traditional method of making Irons. It involves hammering a roughly shaped material into the desired shape followed by grinding, milling, and polishing. This produces a singular one-piece solid iron.

Therefore, if you are a golfer looking for optimum feel upon impact, Forged Irons should be the way to go. However, these are expensive to make and thus their price can be higher.

In the case of Cast Irons, liquid metal is poured into an already designed mold and allowed to solidify to get the desired shape. The casting process allows for a lot more versatility and hence offers a lot more features along with improved feel. It is also cheaper to make.

What budget should I have while buying Game Improvement Irons?

Game Improvement Irons cater to the needs of wide range of golfers ranging from a handicap of 6 to 24. Hence, they possess number of qualities in the perfect balance like forgiveness, higher ball flights, higher spin rates, and playability.

these irons can either be used as a transition from high to mid handicapper or for a lifelong association.

If the former is your goal, then I’d suggest you go for an affordable model like the Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set or Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Irons which will help to elevate your game without hurting too much in terms of investment.

However, if you want a lifelong association with your Game Improvement irons, then I’d suggest you go for the more expensive ones like the TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons or Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Irons which will help you at all stages of your golfing life.


There are a lot of different types of Irons available which have their own unique strengths. After carrying out extensive research and testing, these are the best 5 game improvement irons according to Golfmadeasy.

However, the most impressive irons in the above-mentioned list are the TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons because of their overall performance. These irons are versatile enough to work for any playing level and hence are best selling TaylorMade Irons to date.


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