Best Blade Putters in 2020

best blade putters in 2020

The best blade putters in the world are ones that provide the best feel, feedback, and true roll of the ball upon impact. 

Over the years, some of the best players in the world like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and many other legends have succeeded with blade putters.

Even though lately Mallet putters have dominated the market with their higher levels of forgiveness and attractive designs, through this article I would like to list out some of the best blade putters which will give any mallet putter a run for its money.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa ( Best blade putter for overall improvement )

With the Stroke Lab Versa Putter, Odyssey has changed the outlook of putter construction by opting for a different way to distribute the weight of the putter. 

While most putters concentrate on changing the putter head design and weights, the stroke lab Versa putter shifts focus towards the shaft. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa

The shaft of this putter is a multi-material shaft consisting of both graphites at the tip and steel. This resulted in a 40g reduction in the weight of the shaft.

While the overall weight of the putter remaining similar to a standard putter, Odyssey distributed this 40g of reduced weight of the shaft to the grip end and the head of the putter

As a result of this new way of weight distribution, there is a change in the putter dynamics which results in a smoother and a more accurate stroke.

The increased weight of the putter head increases in the Moment Of Inertia (MOI) which makes the putter more receptive towards off-center strikes leading to higher forgiveness.

Along with the advancement in the shaft design, Odyssey has also remodeled the face of the putter by combining the White Hot Feel with dozens of micro hinges embedded across the face. This feature causes more of a topspin of the ball and hence hips with more accurate distance control.

Upon testing this club along with some of the previous Odyssey models, a significant increase by almost 20% in the consistency and stroke length was seen which leads to better delivery of the club at impact.


  • Higher consistency with backstroke length and downswing time which leads to more consistent strikes and distance control.
  • Improved roll of the ball upon impact resulting in better distance control
  • Premium looking putter with enhanced feel which helps with the confidence at address.
  • Lightweight shaft leading to more control and balance


  • A touch on the expensive side
  • Not available in many designs and colors as far as blades are concerned.

Key Features

  • New Stroke Lab Shaft results in a new and revolutionized method of weight distribution in the putter
  • The Shaft is a combination of Graphite at the tip and steel which reduces the weight of the shaft by 40g.
  • This extra weight is distributed at the head ( additional 10g) and the butt end of the shaft (additional 30g) to promote a smooth and accurate stroke
  • High MOI of the putter head results in higher forgiveness.
  • The stroke results in a higher topspin and accurate distance control because of the new and improved face of the putter consisting of dozens of embedded micro hinges.
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Face- balanced putter


Even though there is an advancement in the weight distribution in the putter, the putter feels like a normal odyssey putter but with higher levels of consistency and performance.

A must buy for a golfer looking for a smoother and pure roll of the golf ball and for someone who is struggling with distance control, this is the best blade putter in the market. 

This putter might come across as a bit pricey, but the overall improvement in putting performance will more than make up for that price.

Pinemeadow Golf Site 1 Putter, Right Hand, 34-Inch ( Best blade putter with easy alignment and affordable price)

Pinemeadow is a relatively lesser-known company as compared to the giants in the business like Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway. Pinemeadow Golf Site 1 Putter, Right Hand, 34-Inch

However, the Pinemeadow Golf Site 1 Putter is one that can give any of the best blade putters a run for their money.

At a throw-away price of 39.95$, this putter boasts of a high contrast black and white design.

Due to this contrast in color, this putter oozes a lot of confidence in the player at the setup position.


  • Acts as a great alignment aid with the color contrasts
  • Very cheap as compared to other blade putters
  • Offset hozel allows for a smooth putting stroke


  • The feel can be a little off for some players
  • Not suitable for the lower handicappers looking for premium feel and sound

Key Features

  • Offset hozel allows the hands to stay in front during the putting stroke. This allows for an improved stroke quality
  • The black and white color combination acts as the perfect alignment aid for you to never miss the putting line
  • Comes along with a headcover


With the price being as low as 39.95$, buying the Pinemeadow Golf Site 1 Putter becomes an absolute no-brainer, especially as a beginner. 

If you are just starting out in golf and do not want to invest a lot in the putter, then this putter will definitely do the job for you with its sleek and attractive design along with premium performance characteristics.

Titleist 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter ( Best Blade putter for the advanced golfer)

Scotty Cameron’s select line of putters has been a revelation in the putting word ever since their establishment. 

The 2016 version was extremely successful and well-received by tour pros and club golfers alike. However, what Scotty Cameron has done is, that they’ve taken all the plus points of the 2016 model and enhanced them further in the 2018 Newport 2 putter making it the most desirable Blade Putter around.Titleist 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

There is a threefold change in the 2018 model with the sound, sight, and sole. 

The most obvious change was seen in the face insert which was backed up by more vibration dampening material than the previous model. 

As a result of this, the overall vibration dampening increased by 30% which contributes immensely to the feel, sound, and feedback of the putter. 

Upon testing it, it was evident that the feel was more soft but still solid.

As far as the sight is concerned, the top line edges are beveled which gives a clean and simple look to the putter at address.

The sole design sees a significant change with this model. Historically, putter head balancing is done without adding the grip and shaft to it. 

With this putter, the balancing is done after the addition of the additional weight of the shaft and grip which leads to a four-way balance point system. 

This allows a more square and close look at address which prevents the putter from closing down before making the putt.


  • Improved alignment leads to better results in putting
  • Promotes an extremely smooth putting stroke with a soft but solid feel
  • Higher forgiveness and balance
  • Clean, subtle and classy looks 


  • Might seem expensive to some
  • Toe hang putter which might not suit the straight back straight forward stroke

Key features

  • Integrated vibration dampening between the face and the body reduces the vibration by 30%. This leads to a much softer feel and better feedback
  • The four-way balanced sole design makes the putter sit perfectly square at impact leading to better alignment and stroking.
  • A single sightline on the top line makes it easier and simple to concentrate on the putting line. 
  • Comes along with a Black, Silver and Gold Midsize Matador grip and a headcover with similar colors
  • Refined colors and graphics with misted finishes.
  • Heel-and-toe weighing technology provides better forgiveness and balance.
  • This putter is made with 303 stainless steel inlay and a 303 stainless steel body.


  • Beveled topline edges to give a clean and subtle look which is also preferred on tour.
  • A minimalistic approach to the putter aesthetics to give very little obstruction to the view at address.
  • Traditional and old school putter shape and overall looks.

Sound and feel

  • With the enhanced vibration dampening by 30%, the sound and feel of the putter has become much softer and smoother 


With the Titleist 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter, Scotty has taken his craft to the next level by improving the small aspects of the putter which make a huge overall impact on the results. 

With the enhanced feel and balance, this blade putter is sure to reduce at least 3-5 strokes off your next round. All In all, a classy looking high performing putter for the golfer who loves it the traditional way.

Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB1 Putter ( Most classy and old school blade putter)

Bettinardi has been a great putter brand for a long time and is known to produce some of the best blade putters over the years. 

With the flashy green and black finish, the Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB1 Putter can’t go unnoticed in a golf set.Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB1 Putter

A simple head design without much fuss to it, Bettinardi has given it an old school touch as far as the design is concerned. Has been around for almost 20-30 years.

At address, this putter has a simple line in the middle for alignment and the blackhead provides for a great contrast with the putting green.

The face of the putter has a honeycomb design which contributes to a softer feel at impact.

The important point to note is that the face has only a 3 degree of loft which is lesser than the standard loft on a putter.

This means that this putter will work well on faster well-cut greens but won’t be suitable for slower greens as it lacks that loft required to roll the ball smoothly on slightly bigger grass.

For a golfer looking for an absolute pure stroke out of the middle, this putter provides exact feedback on an off-center strike.

Hence it can be termed as a non-forgiving club. Hence, if you are someone who is used to getting a high MOI like a mallet-style putter, then this is not the right club for you.


  • Best feedback mechanism for someone looking to improve their quality of putting stroke
  • Attractive and classy design
  • Super soft at impact giving a pure and true roll 
  • Best suited for faster greens


  • Low forgiveness may be a problem for the high handicapper
  • The loft is comparatively lower, hence, not suitable for slower greens
  • Price is a little on the higher side.

Key features

  • Made out of one single block of soft carbon steel, this putter is known for its exceptionally soft feel with super-fly mill face milling.
  • It is a toe hang putter suitable for an arced stroke.
  • Consistent feel and balance because of the heel-toe weighted design 
  • Classic stealth finish gives glare-resistance under the Sun.
  • Comes with Premium Lamkin deep etch cord grip available in standard or Jumbo.
  • 3 degrees of loft and 71 degrees of lie angle make this putter ideally suited for faster greens
  • 350g standard weight


  • Clean looking putter with a Glacier Black Finish
  • The stealth finish gives a glare-resistant appearance under the Sun
  • At address, the top-line is clean and neater with only a single line for reference.
  • Oil-canny rainbow black finish to the putter combined with a green grip and initials adds to the attractive nature of this putter


Bettinardi is known to produce putters with a timeless design, and hence, the BB1 doesn’t disappoint with its classic stealth black finish to go with a simple yet attractive top-line. 

It is an absolute work of art and just screams craftsmanship all over. This putter is made for someone more interested in hitting the pure putting stroke complemented by soft-feel complemented by a true roll of the ball. 

Although this is a putter preferred by more of a low handicapper, it is equally likely to bring an improvement in the putting stroke of a mid to high handicapper as well.

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #1 ( Most affordable blade putter)

The advantage of using the Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter is that it provides a premium feel and performance at a not so premium price.

The advantages this putter gives at an unbelievably cheap price make it fall under the top affordable blade putter category.Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #1

SOFT stands for Speed Optimized Face Technology which controls the milling pattern from inside out to control the ball speed giving more command over the putt. 

As we know, off-center hits tend to reduce the speed of the ball coming out of a putter, and hence a putter needs a higher MOI to help in reducing that effect.

The SOFT creates a wider impact zone thereby increasing the forgiveness of the putter.

For all Putters to perform at their peak performance, the Center Of Gravity(CG) plays a major role in that.

Cleveland has moved the CG more towards the center of the putter in line with the alignment line on the top line which provides a solid feel and stability for straighter putts. 

One important factor contributing to shifting the CG lower and towards the center of the putter is the removal of some weight from the hosel which connects the shaft to the putter face.

This does not alter anything regarding the looks of the putter but acts as a hidden feature contributing immensely to the performance.


  • Affordable putters with high performance
  • Best suited for high handicappers because of its high forgiveness.
  • Consistent distance and true ball roll
  • Soft feel at impact 
  • Available in multiple shaft lengths


  • Grip might feel oversized for some golfers looking to feel the putt with the hands
  • The club reverberates through impact which can be an issue 
  • Some golfers might find it light and hence difficult to control while stroking

Key features

  • The ball speed across the face of the putter is normalized with the help of Cleveland’s proprietary SOFT technology.
  • Consistent speed and distance even with on the off-center strikes because of the Unique Milling Pattern
  • The diamond CNC milling pattern gives a true and consistent ball roll 
  • The head is made up of 304 Stainless Steel which is 51% softer than 17-4 Stainless Steel. This gives an exceptionally soft feel at impact.
  • The head weight is 350g with a loft of 3 degrees and lie angle of 70 degrees.
  • The putter is available in multiple lengths of 33”,34” and 35”


The Huntington Beach SOFT putter line boasts of a classic steel finish with subtle alignment marks making it less congested at address.


With a plumber’s neck blade design, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #1 Putter is the most affordable high performing blade putter in the market. With a new and improved milled face design for an ultra-soft feel, this putter will suit the high handicapper looking for premium ball roll and consistency without having to spend too much.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter ( Best beginner-friendly blade putter)

Wilson is a company known to create products for the masses.

For a beginner looking for game improvement without having to spend too steep an amount upfront, Wilson Harmonized M1 putter is the way to go.

Being an extremely lightweight putter, it is a worthy competitor for all the blade putters out there. Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

Its heal-toe weighing head design along with a plumber neck hosel makes the putter very easy to square at impact. 

Along with this, the face of the putter sports a microinjection polymer insert which enables the ball to roll smoothly and truly off the face and hence provide an excellent feel to the stroke. 

The grey and black finish to this blade putter acts as the perfect contrast with the putting greens which enables the golfer to align the putter with the putting with the help of the horizontal lines on the top line.


  • Extremely soft feel because of a comfortable grip with a larger diameter and vertical seam on the backside
  • Most affordable high performing putter in the blade putter category
  • Improved alignment ease
  • Better balance and accuracy with the help of heel-toe weighing
  • Best beginner-friendly blade putter with high forgiveness.


  • Doesn’t come with a headcover
  • Some golfers might have an issue with the lightweight
  • When used with a softball, doesn’t provide the appropriate feel
  • Not suitable for low handicappers and professional.

Key features

  • Easy alignment benefits due to the contrasting colors and horizontal lines on the top line
  • Highly improved and softer feel with the help of the micro-injection Polymer face insert
  • Heal-toe weighing head design providing better balance and accuracy 
  • It comes with a Mid-sized Harmonized putter grip which has a vertical seam on the backside to improve the feel through impact.


With the ever-growing competition in the category of blade putters from the top brands in the industry, Wilson has carved out a niche for themselves by constantly producing great putters for the high handicappers and in the affordable range.

The Harmonized M1 putter doesn’t disappoint a golfer looking for a cheaper option to improve the putting game. 

With the oversized grip and micro-injection Polymer face insert providing an improved feel, this putter more than makes up for the lack of headcover and lightweight nature.

Frequently asked questions

What are blade putters?

While watching any pro tour event live or on T.V., the commonly seen putters in the hand of some of the top pros are one which has a head in the shape of a blade and a face which is visibly more straight and simplistic. These types of putters are called ‘Blade Putters’. 

Although many of the golfers are also considering using the mallet-style putters because of their attractive designs and high forgiveness, blade putters are still considered as a timeless work of art providing the perfect feedback and smoother putts for high levels of performance on the putting greens.

Who are blade putters meant for?

For the longest time, it has been believed that blade putters are only suitable for pros. However, with the latest advancements in technologies used by some of the top putter making brands, the blade putters have also caught the attention of the club level golfers looking for game improvement and higher forgiveness.

This makes us come across a commonly asked question, which is, why do pros use blade putters?

Well, numerous factors contribute to the high popularity of the blade putters.

As far as the performance of the blade putter is concerned, it is expected to provide excellent feel and feedback mechanism for someone who is looking to putt based on personal feel and intuition rather than using forgiveness as a factor to putting better. 

Since the blade putters have smaller heads, the Center of Gravity is concentrated more in the front and lower side of the face. 

The Moment Of Inertia of the putter is low and hence, if a golfer strikes the putter on the off-center, there is a visible change in speed and direction of the putt. Tour players prefer a smoother and purer putt right off the center of the putter, hence they prefer blade putters.

Another key advantage of using a blade putter is that they provide the best distance control and accuracy as far as longer putts are concerned.

Although blade putters have been around since the establishment of golf as a sport, the latest models of these old school type of putters have made sure that they not only maintain the integrity and subtle and classy looks but also use newer and fresher technology to provide the best user experiences. 

Blade vs Mallet Putters- which one is better?

Ever since the discovery of mallet putters in the early 2000s, this debate has been a hot topic of discussion.

Both Blade and Mallet putters have their own pros and cons. Depending on your own preferences, a correct choice should be made.

The key difference between blade and mallet putters lies in the level of forgiveness offered.

While blade putters offer a much more premium feel and truer roll of the ball, mallet putters are much more forgiving. 

Hence, it is recommended for a beginner to always start off with a mallet putter to build the much-needed confidence.

Another major difference is the type of stroke required for each style of putter.

A blade putter should be preferred if you have an arc stroke, whereas a straight-back-straight-forward putting stroke is best utilized with a mallet putter.

How to choose the best blade putter?

The reviews of the above-mentioned blade putters are based on numerous factors that influence the performance of each putter. These are points of consideration which should be kept in mind before going out to buy a new putter which suits your requirements the best.

  • Toe balanced or face balanced
  • Type of stroke
  • Feel
  • Balance
  • MOI and Forgiveness
  • Face insert or milled face
  • Length of the shaft
  • Type of grip
  • Weight of the putter
  • Alignment aids on the putter
  • Looks of the putter
  • The loft of the putter
  • Budget

Toe balanced or face balanced

There are essentially two types of putters. They are distinguished by the way their face rests into the hands under the influence of gravity.

For this, hold the shaft in your hand with it being parallel to the ground. If the face of the putter is facing upwards towards the sky, then the putter is face-balanced.

If the toe is hanging towards the ground, it is a toe balanced putter.

Face balanced putters are ones that have a smaller head design more suitable for faster greens and hence they deserve a softer and smoother touch.

If you are golfer who prefers this kind of softer putting stroke, then definitely go for face-balanced putter.

Toe balanced putters are ones in which the weight distribution is from the heel to toe, thus offering more consistency and stability. Toe balancing in blade putters is a new concept introduced in this style of the putter to improve the performance to make it suitable for all types of players

Type of stroke

As mentioned earlier, the modern-day blade putters are one which has a toe hang. Thus, they are more prone to opening and closing throughout the stroke. For such putters, a golfer who has a more of an arc or inside-square-inside stroke fits best to provide the best experience.

However, if you are someone with a squarer putting stroke ( straight back straight forward), a face-balanced putter will suit you best. The modern-day mallet putters are best suited for such putting stroke.


Having the right feel while holding the putter at the address and at the time of making the stroke is completely a matter of personal choice and preference. 

A blade putter is known to provide the best feel to it and hence if you are someone who prefers to putt based on feel and intuition, this putter will provide the best experience.

Having the right feel promotes better control of the clubface and higher accuracy especially for longer putts, hence blade putters are tour preferred.


The balance of a putter determines the quality of the stroke it can provide. The main contributing factors of the balance of a putter are the hosel and toe of the club. 

If a putter is well balanced, the squaring of the face will be much easier thus helping with a proper stroke and alignment. However, a poorly balanced putter will cause the putter to open or close at impact, which can make the ball move away from the intended line.

MOI and forgiveness

MOI is the Moment of inertia of the putter. It is a factor that determines whether the putter will remain stable through impact or not. A putter with a higher MOI will not be affected by the off-center strikes and hence will maintain its squareness at the point of impact. Such putters are highly forgiving and hence are suitable for beginners. High MOI is commonly seen in the Mallet style of putters.

In the case of the traditional blade putters, the MOI is low and hence even the slightest off-center strike will cause the putter to deviate from its intended line, which leads to a change in line as well as the speed of the ball. Hence, blade putters offer high feedback on the quality of the strike which preferred by a lot of low handicappers.

However, with the advancement of technology, the MOI of the new blade putters is kept on the higher side to increase its forgiveness and hence the popularity amongst the high handicappers.

Face insert or milled face

A milled face of a putter is one in which the face has some kind of design embedded onto it to promote a smoother roll of the ball.

However, many modern-day blades are using externally applied face inserts which provide incredible feel and softness through impact.

In the earlier days, milled putters were more common and hence many of the old school golfers still prefer that kind of putters

The newer generation of putters consists of face inserts which have changed the feel and looks of the blade putters. 

Length of the shaft

Another subjective concept, the length of the shaft is a matter of personal preference and the different shaft lengths should be tested by the golfer before finalizing one. A usual putter will have shaft lengths of 33”,34” and 35” and depending on the height of the player and the length of the arms, the putter length should be adjusted to enable a smooth pendulum-like stroke.

Before buying a new putter, it should be confirmed that the putter is available in different shaft lengths.

Type of grip

Grips of a putter come in various shapes and thicknesses. A golfer who prefers to feel the putt more with the hands should go for a thinner grip whereas, if hand action has to be removed from the putting stroke, a thicker grip is recommended. However, it comes at the loss of a little bit of control.

Grips also help in solving some of the alignment issues by having shapes that promote a straighter putting motion.

Weight of the putter

Some putters like the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa have shafts made up of both graphite and steel which makes the putter weight distribution different than the others. In most putters, the shaft is made up of slightly heavier steel. Weight distribution plays an important role in the position of the center of Gravity, something which is important as far as the overall balance of the putter is concerned.

Lightweight putters are more suitable for faster greens which require a smooth putting stroke whereas, on slower greens, heavier putters help in better distance control. 

Alignment aids on the putter

For better alignment, manufacturers add lines on the top line of the putter which are supposed to be kept in line with the putting line at address. By doing so, you are enabling the ball to roll in the direction of the hole in a better way. Most blade putters have subtle and simple lines thus making it easier and less complicated for the golfer.

The modern the day mallet putters have fancy designs and newer methods of adding alignment aids on the putter.

Looks of the putter

Blade putters’s look is simple, subtle designs, classy as well as aesthetic. These putters are for the ages and if you are someone who likes vintage designs and color combinations, then blade putters are the ones for you.

The newer mallet putters offer a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and come in flashy color combinations too.

The loft of the putter

The common loft angle on a blade putter is 4 to 5 degrees. However, there are many putters available in lower lofts like 3 degrees.

Generally, the loft of the putter determines the quality of the ball roll. Higher lofted putters are best for slower greens as they will make the ball launch from its stationary position more easily.

As far as fast greens are concerned, low lofted putters are best to ensure a smooth roll of the ball


Last but not the least, budget is something which is a key point of consideration especially for beginners. Blade putters are generally less expensive as compared to the mallet putter but even in the blade putters, there are some high-end ones. The higher the price, the better will be the performance, and hence it is up to the users liking as far as the budget is concerned. 

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A final word with my best choice

The search for the best equipment possible is a never-ending one. I hope that the above article helps you find the best blade putter for your game improvement and the precision required on the golfing green. 

While finding the best blade putters in the market, extensive research based on a lot of varying factors was carried out on the putting green. 

Through this research, if you would ask me, I would recommend Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa simply because I am a feel based putter. 

Soft feel and balance to go along with impressive and classy design make it best blade putter for me.

Agreed that it is on the higher side of the price range, but its a compromise that can be made if the budget is not an issue. 

However, as a beginner who doesn’t want to spend much, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter will fit the requirements perfectly with its high-performance quality at the most affordable price.

My final advice from would be properly understand and quantify your requirements out of putter and try out a few from your friends who are already playing around you. This would give you a better idea as to what to exactly look for when you make a purchase. 

Happy Golfing!


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