5 Best Drivers for a Slice in 2020

5 Best Driver for Slice

Through this article, I would like to take you through some of the Best Driver for Slice.

Well, let’s face it, we all as golfers desire the perfect swing which helps us find more fairways when we drive off the tee.

As much as it is important to swing the ball correctly, sometimes, having the right equipment definitely helps in compensating the little errors one has in the swing, especially as a beginner.

The most common issue faced by a beginner is the dreaded slice off the golf ball from the tee. Yes, we’ve all hit the ball so far off to the right (for right-handers) that it almost feels demoralizing.

Some of the leading golf equipment companies in the world have come up with drivers that help in solving this issue and eradicate the slice away from your game.

Best 5 drivers for a slice

1. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver 2020 (Best driver for slicers)

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed offset Driver is specifically designed for players looking for that extra bit of clubhead speed and someone who is struggling with a slice off the tee.

To improve the swing speed, Cobra has made this into an ultra-lightweight driver which allows the beginner golfer to gain at that extra distance and square the clubface easily at impact while creating a higher launch angle.

The weight of the clubhead is situated more towards the heel of the face and a little bit further back. This helps in closing the toe of the club through impact, thus allowing for a draw-biased swing.

Sometimes, some golfers struggle to hit a driver on the required upward swing motion. For this very purpose, Cobra has designed the F-Max Airspeed model with an offset design that allows the golfer to hit down on the ball even with a driver and still manage to hit it long, straight, and with a slight draw.


  • Increased clubhead speed
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Ultra forgiving and hence beginner-friendly
  • Promotes a draw-biased swing and hence eliminates the slice
  • Easy to launch
  • Affordable pricing


  • Overall carry distance can reduce
  • Lower spin rate
  • Not suitable for a golfer who has a slight fade or straighter ball flight
  • No adjustability 

Key features

  • This model is Cobra’s lightest driver ever at 285g which is 50g lighter than the traditional driver.
  • Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fibre Crown creates a lighter head by shedding the weight without compromising on forgiveness.
  • Higher MOI for ultra forgiveness.
  • Offset hosel eliminates the slice to the right( for right-handers)
  • Enhanced control of the driver with heel-biased weighing to hit more consistent draws into the fairway.
  • PWR Ridges are placed on the top line for better visual alignment at setup
  • Comes with Lamkin REL stock grip and a matching headcover
  • Cobra Airspeed 40 shaft in R, S, and Lite flexes.


For golfers struggling with the dreaded slice off the tee, the Cobra F-max Airspeed model offers easy to launch features with draw bias to make beginner, as well as lower handicappers, find the fairways more easily.

At a price which much less than its competitors, this driver is a must-buy for someone looking for higher forgiveness to compensate for the little swing flaws for improved results.

2. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Draw driver ( best driver for high forgiveness with a draw bias)

Callaway has released two different kinds of heads for their Rogue Model.

One is with the traditional standard head design whereas the other includes a slight draw bias.

Specifically designed for a golfer who struggles with a slice, the Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Draw driver does look more closely at an address which not only gives a draw-biased result but also helps to improve the confidence of a golfer who tends to slice the ball more often.

The face visibly points more left to the target which eliminates the fade spin. The weighted screw is placed more at the heel of the clubhead allowing the heel to travel a little bit faster and hence close the clubface more at impact promoting a draw.


  • High stability of the club head increases the MOI which gives high forgiveness.
  • Enhanced distance and ball flight even on the off-center strikes
  • High ball speed for more distance
  • Comes with a variety of stock shaft options


  • It can be a little expensive for some beginners.
  • Less feedback on the off-center strikes

Key Features

  • Increased Moi with the help of the triaxial Carbon Crown and new head shape which contribute to high forgiveness and stability.
  • The weighted screw is placed at the toe to make the heel travel faster by moving the CG inward, thus promoting a draw.
  • Callaway’s patented Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT Technology to improve the ball speeds
  • Enhanced airflow which gives faster head speed. This is done with the help of the industry-leading Boeing Aero Package.


With higher stability and MOI of this driver, look nowhere else if you are struggling with off-center hits. The draw biased design helps improve the quality of the shots furthermore by increasing the distance off the tee.

The high forgiveness of this driver makes it the most desirable driver for beginners and mid and mid handicappers. A Golf Digest 2018 Hot List Gold Medal Winner, the Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Draw driver more than compensates the high price with its game-improvement features.

3. PGX Offset Driver ( Most affordable anti slice driver)

GX Offset Driver - anti slice golf driversProbably the most underrated anti slice driver in the market currently, the PGX Offset Driver had to be included in this list because of its beginner-friendly qualities. A large clubhead size of 460cc enhances the sweet spot by so much that it offers ultra-high forgiveness for a newcomer to the game. It goes without saying that it helps to hit straighter shots and thus eliminating the slice. 

PGX Offset driver comes under the affordable equipment bracket and along with this, it has a sleek design finished with matte black finish and green and white accents, making it an attractive looking driver.


  • High forgiveness due to a larger sweet spot on the face
  • Offset design makes it easy to square the clubface at impact, thus making it easy to hit straight drives
  • Matte black finish gives this driver an attractive look 
  • Very affordable driver


  • Offers low durability and hence the matte finish doesn’t stay on for long
  • The sound of impact is hollow and the driver doesn’t feel smooth
  • Doesn’t help with the distance off the tee.

Key Features

  • The offset design delays the impact and hence allows the golfer that extra bit of time to square the clubface.
  • Superb Matte black finish with green and white accents makes this driver an attractive piece of equipment
  • The 460cc clubhead offers a larger sweet spot and hence has a higher allowance and forgiveness for off-center hits
  • It weighs only 200g and hence due to its extreme lightweight design, it increases the clubhead speed and balance of the driver.
  • Comes with a loft of 10.5 degrees.
  • Comes along with a headcover


The PGX offset driver is definitely the best option for a beginner looking to start off with a less expensive option as far as drivers are concerned.

With attractive designs complemented well with high levels of forgiveness, this driver should definitely be kept in mind when looking for help with the slices off the tee.

However, it should be noted that this product should not be used as a long term solution since it doesn’t offer the distance and feel at impact that any mid or low handicapper would want.

But at such an attractive rate, this is definitely worth trying in the initial teething process of your game.

4. Callaway Epic Flash Driver ( best anti slice driver with high levels of overall performance)

Callaway Epic Flash DriverWith the Callaway Epic Flash Driver, I can safely say that without a doubt, it will improve your driving and help you find more fairways with utmost ease and confidence.

The reason being, that Callaway has used their best technologies to develop this max potential driver which can fix all sorts of issues like slices, hooks, poor ball flights, and lack of distance.

This is the first time that Artificial Intelligence is used extensively to design a face that can cope up with the high speeds generated by the driver.

Callaway has used ‘Machine Learning’ that gives the computer the statistical knowledge to learn on its own with the help of the data. Hence, after going through 15000 iterations and learning from each and every mistake, the FLASH FACE was developed.

With a bright green color scheme, this newer model of the previous 2017 model boasts of yellow aesthetics and a very futuristic scoring pattern on the face of the club.

The original carbon present at the back of the head in the previous model is replaced by Titanium which gives it a brush metal finish. Due to the Titanium, Callaway driver has an explosive sound on impact as well.

The feature which enables it to be listed in this category of anti-slice drivers is the adjustable perimeter weighing at the back which can allow you to make the face more draw favoring if you are struggling with a slice.

While striking this driver, I realized that my ball speed went up by almost 5-7 MPH on centered hits which increased my distance by 10-15 yards. Even on the off-center strikes, the ball was traveling with the improved flights and shape as compared to other drivers.


  • Adjustable features make this driver a versatile option
  • A most forgiving and long-distance driver
  • Bright color scheme and a brush metal finish make this a cool and stylish looking driver
  • An ideal combination of low spin and faster speeds through impact
  • Much more affordable than some of the other brands in this list.


  • Can be an expensive buy, especially for a beginner 
  • A beginner might find it difficult to adjust at first

Key Features

  • This driver makes the ball go faster and farther with the help of Callaway’s Flash Face technology.
  • The use of A.I. has made it possible to develop a state of the art flash face after going through 15000 iterations and learning from each mistake.
  • Faster ball speed is generated by placing more impact load on the face. This is done with the help of the stiffening of the internal jailbreak bars.
  • The MOI is raised to a higher level with the help of redistribution of the weight within the head giving exceptional forgiveness to the driver.
  • An adjustable perimeter weighing feature at the back allows the golfer to set up the face according to the needs and hence easily fix issues like the slice or hook.
  • The internal weighing and advanced head shape give a great combination of higher MOI and low spin which results in longer distance and more forgiveness.
  • Premium shaft offerings with Project X Even Flow Green, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, and the Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft available to maximize the potential.


The flash face along with the jailbreak technology, the weight savings, and the movable screw at the back, all combined help the epic flash perform as the best Callaway driver ever.

With the standards set so high, I don’t think there is any best driver for slice available for improved performance and fixing those slices if the budget is not an issue.

5. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver ( Best anti slice driver for higher ball flights)

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type DriverThe Cleveland Golf Launcher line of drivers was specifically designed to help players who find it difficult to launch the ball higher from the tee.

Hence, those of you who are struggling with less carry distance should definitely give this one a try.

Upon comparing this model with the previous Cleveland Launcher HB, the results that I found consistently were that the new model made my drive go 20 yards longer. This was primarily because the increased clubhead speed will in turn reduced the spin rate, thus making the ball travel further.

The reason for the high ball flights is a considerable improvement in the launch condition by lowering the Centre Of Gravity by 2.2 mm with the help of the redesigned HI Bore Crown.

This draw bias model completely eliminates the slice thereby giving long high and straight driver shots.


  • Higher ball flights
  • Improved distance because of higher clubhead speed
  • The sleek design with a color combination of red, black, and gray make this an attractive looking game improvement driver.


  • Lack of adjustability can make this driverless versatile
  • On a windy day, the ultra-high ball flight might cause some problems since it is difficult to hit low stingers with this driver.

Key features

  • Significant increase in the MOI leading to better launch and more forgiveness.
  • Increased clubhead speed by discretionary mass savings
  • Cleveland has used the Turbocharged Cup Face which provides higher COR for increased ball speeds and distance.
  • Comes with the Miyazaki C. Kuma 50 Graphite Shaft having a weight of 55g. The weight of this shaft is shifted more towards the grip which enables additional head mass for increased MOI.
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 grip and comes along with a headcover.


Although for the longest time, Cleveland is known as a company making some of the best wedges, they have come up with this extremely beginner-friendly driver with a draw bias.

With much-improved looks, feel and sound at impact, the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver definitely comes off as a strong contender as one of the best drivers for a slice.

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Watch This Video To Know How To Fix A Slice With A Driver


What is a slice?

A slice is the severe movement of the ball from the left to right ( for the right-handers and vice versa for the lefties) which is most commonly seen with beginners and recreational golfers. 

This kind of shot can also be hit intentionally, but 90% of the time it happens as a result of a poorly executed shot or a mishit.

A slice and fade have similar directions of the ball but a fade is a very controlled lateral movement of the ball whereas the slice can be hazardous to the outcome of the shot.

What causes a slice?

A slice of the golf ball usually is caused when the impact of the ball takes place more at the heel of the golf club rather than the toe. This usually happens when the golfer is unable to square the clubface at impact.

There are multiple reasons as to why this happens

A weak grip

A weak grip is one in which the back of the lead hand is pointing towards the target and the bottom hand is more open. This prevents the golfer to turn the clubface successfully through impact, thereby leaving it open which causes a slice.

Faulty swing path

More than half of the slices occur due to a swing path which has a more out-to-in motion. In such a case, the club comes from over the top rather than in an arc and hence the swing path becomes out of the plane and away from the target line

Wrong alignment

More often than not, a golfer who slices the golf ball tends to aim more towards the left of the target line ( for right-handers). This means, that even if the clubface is pointed at the target, the shoulders, hips, and feet are all aligned to the left of the target which causes an out-to-in swing path.

Shaft flex

Shaft flex plays an important role in shaping the golf ball. If a player is using the wrong flex type in accordance with his/her swing speed, then it can lead to a slice or a hook of the ball.

What are the common ways to fix a slice?

Here are a quick guide and tips to fix the slice instantly-

  • Have a strong grip
  • Grip the golf club with the fingers instead of the palms
  • Always check the alignment of the shoulders, hips, and legs as compared to the target line
  • Don’t aim left of the target line
  • Have an in-to-out swing path
  • Have a high lofted driver
  • Use the right shaft flex
  • Use a low spin golf ball
  • Keep the arms connected to the body in the swing
  • Ball position should be forward 

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Why do I hit my irons straight but slice with a driver?

It is commonly seen that while some beginners can easily hit the irons and the wedges straight, the driver is the one which causes the maximum amount of trouble when it comes to fixing a slice.

There is a simple explanation for this.

To hit the golf ball straight, the only requirement is to square the clubface at the point of impact.

It can be easily said that the driver is the longest club in your bag.

When it comes to long clubs, it becomes that much more difficult to achieve that square clubface and hence it just takes time to fix this issue.

Hence, you might notice that short irons are easy to hit accurately as a beginner.

Another reason why it is difficult to hit straight with a driver is that it is a club with the lowest degree of loft in it.

While all irons have lofts of more than 20 degrees, drivers have lofts ranging from 8.5 to 13 degrees. It is difficult to control the ball flights of clubs with lower degrees of loft since the sidespin on the ball is much greater than the backspin. 

What should I look for in an anti-slice driver?

  • Offset design

Traditional drivers are ones in which the shaft directly sits into the head of the driver. However, if you are someone who is struggling with a slice, then these drivers won’t help in solving that problem. 

A driver with an offset design makes the head go a little behind the shaft by adding an offset hosel in between the shaft and head. This allows the golfer a little bit of extra time to square the clubface at impact and hence hit straighter shots

  • Adjustability

A driver with adjustable features allows you to make those required adjustments to prevent the slice.

A lot of these drivers have the feature to adjust in such a way that the face becomes closed at the point of impact which prevents the ball from going more to the right.

Adjustability also enables making weight adjustments.

This means that weight distribution in regular drivers can be made more heel to toe weighted which allows an easy turn of the clubface at impact.

  • Forgiveness

Probably the most important factor when it comes to beginner-friendly or anti-slice drivers, forgiveness in drivers prevents any of the swing flaws from hindering the results and helps to increase the confidence of a golfer.

Drivers with high forgiveness tend to make the ball go higher, longer, and straighter even on the off-center strikes.

  • Budget

Drivers can come in a range from something as low as 50$ ( PGX offset driver) to something as high as 500$ (Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver). It is up to the buyer as to what exactly his/her goals are as a golfer.

If you are someone who is just starting out with the intention of enjoying a weekend game with buddies, then I’d suggest going for a mid-range driver without investing too much.

However, if taking your game to the next level is the goal, then buying a good quality driver of a higher price range makes more sense.

A final word with my best choice

After carrying out detailed testing and analysis of 40+ drivers, I have come to the conclusion of including the best 5 drivers for a slice in the above-mentioned list.

A slice is something that can be cured by removing certain swing flaws, however, if the equipment is not right, then all the hard work won’t reap rewards on the golf course. 

According to me, the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver is the best driver for overall game improvement and removing the slice completely out of the equation.

If the budget is something that doesn’t come in your way, then this driver will definitely create huge positive impacts on your game.

If fixing the slice is the sole purpose, then the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver 2020 will solve the exact purpose to perfection and help eradicate the slice completely off your game.


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