How To Increase The Swing Speed For More Distance

How to increase the swing speed for more distance

Increase your distance by 40-50 yards with these simple drills

Let’s face it, everyone wants to hit the golf ball long. 

It can be intimidating to see some golfers hit the ball much further than yours, especially off the tee.

To see your friend walk past your ball lying in the middle of the fairway and getting to hit a wedge to the green as opposed to your mid-iron can be a bit demoralizing.

Before learning how to hit the balls longer, it is important to understand that golf is a game of precision and distance control.

Hence, the process of gaining distance should never be at the expense of accuracy.

While some golfers just have a natural athletic ability which makes them hit long, more distance can also be achieved by increasing the swing speed.

The swing speed of an average weekend golfer ranges between 85-100 MPH. On the other hand, a PGA professional swing it at 110-120 MPH. 

Hence we see all those long drives from players like Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcllroy, etc.

While this article is mainly on the ways to increase the swing speed, the main reason for searching for this query is to increase the distance. 

Hence, we will look into the reasons as to why there is a lack of distance.

There are 3 major reasons which contribute to the lack of distance

  • Lack of swing speed
  • Improper technique
  • Lack of strength and flexibility

We will touch upon the drills required to fix all of these issues through this article.

Lack of swing speed

Before diving into the drills to increase the swing and clubhead speed, it is important to note that there is a major difference between swinging the club ‘ hard ‘ and swinging it ‘fast’. 

I have seen many club golfers trying to hit the ball too hard in an effort to gain distance. 

By doing so, they are not only disrupting the balance required to make the proper swing but also increasing the chances of injuring themselves in the back.

Some simple yet effective drills to increase swing speed

The baseball drill

  • Hold the driver horizontally in front of you
  • Swing the club like a baseball bat with the wrists and shoulders relaxed.
  • Use the same feel during the actual swing

The advantage of this drill is that it will not only improve the swing speed but also create more awareness regarding the movement of wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Use a heavier club

These are plenty of training aids like the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer which can be used to monitor the tempo and speed of the golf swing.

Another way to improve the speed is to use 2 clubs while doing practice swings. This increases the weight of the club and promotes you to swing the club faster.

Use an impact bag

Using training aids is always helpful to improve the level.

One such aid is the impact bag like the ProActive Sports Contact Bag Golf Swing Impact Trainer which is very hand to improve the core mechanics as well as swing speed.

Increase the clubhead speed at the right time

A fast swing speed without the correct swing speed is of no use. 

The main aim is to transfer all the energy generated in the swing to the golf ball in order for it to travel farther.

As quoted by ‘Justin Rose’ 

The maximum clubhead speed should be generated from the point of impact until the follow-through.

Many amateurs are guilty of using up most of the energy before the impact, leading to improper transfer of energy.

To prevent this from happening, break down the downswing into 3 parts.

As shown in the image, the maximum swing speed should be generated from stage 3 to stage 4.

The maximum clubhead speed should be generated from the point of impact until the follow-through

This will ensure a centered contact and longer distance.

Improper Technique

The technique can play a major role in determining the swing speed and the distance achieved, especially with the driver.

Fast swing speed and a fit body are of no use if the technique supporting your game is not good enough to transfer the energy of the swing on to the golf ball.

Here are some of the common fixes that can be made by an amateur golfer which will result in an improvement in the distance

Improve the Posture

Improve the Posture

The image above is one of the top pros on the PGA tour- Adam Scott.

The lines drawn on the image are the correct angles at which the spine, hips, and legs should be at the setup position.

Here some of the common mistakes made by amateurs

A hunched back 

A hunched back will cause the swing to come down at a steeper angle in the downswing which will lead to an improper swing path.

Extra stiff back

An extra stiff back will cause improper rotation of the upper body in the backswing, which will cause an off-center impact.

Standing too close to the ball

By standing too close, you will never allow the arms to release freely through the impact and the whole swing will become cramped up.

Standing too far away

By standing too far away, the clubface will not be able to rotate and square at the point of impact. This open clubface will make the ball go to the right.

Check your grip

A golf grip can be wrong in two ways

Grip strength

I have seen a lot of amateurs play with a grip that is too strong or too weak.

This can be a reason why they are not able to square the clubface at impact. 

If the face is not square, it will lead to poor impact which leads to a lack of distance.

For this reason, having a neutral grip is highly recommended.

Grip pressure

A tight or strong grip pressure can lead to the tightening of the entire forearms, shoulders and upper body.

This causes improper rotation of the body and the clubface at impact which causes a poor strike and a lack of distance.

For this reason, light grip pressure is recommended for smooth and solid contact.

Excessive clubface rotation

In order to hit straight and long golf shots, the clubface control is of prime importance.

Excessive rotation of the clubface in the backswing and through the impact can make the ball deviate from the target line and also strike at the off-center.

In order to practice having a stable clubface throughout the golf swing, use a

Top pros like Justin Rose also use this particular training aid. 

This not only helps in keeping a stable clubface but also comes in handy to maintain connectivity of both the hands throughout the swing. This leads to a more centered contact and hence a longer distance.

Lack of strength and flexibility

While I completely understand that after a certain age, the strength and flexibility of golfers tend to reduce, however, there are still certain exercises and practices that can be followed.

Some of the reasons for lack of distance can be 

  • A stiff back
  • Stiff hip joints
  • Low mobility in shoulders
  • Poor core strength
  • Lack of strength in the arms and legs

There are a lot of golf-specific exercises that can come in handy in order to remove these physical shortcomings.


The above-mentioned techniques and drills are easy hacks for any golfer at any stage of his/her golfing career to increasing the swing speed and the distance.

Some of the best training aids that can really help you to generate swing speed are

SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer

 ProActive Sports Contact Bag Golf Swing Impact Trainer 

 LIQIWI Golf Swing Trainer Aid Assist Posture Correction Training Golf Smart Inflatable Ball

However, make sure that an increase in the swing speed doesn’t come at the expense of losing the accuracy and precision required in golf!


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